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Déjâ Vu

"The moment I laid eyes on her, this child of mine, who had lived in my heart and mind for 35 years, was suddenly in front of me and I was caught like a deer in the head lights, in total awe of her very being as I had been 35 years ago when I saw her for the first time."

"As I walked towards him, he got out of his car and said, softly, Long time no see," and my poor frozen heart just melted."

"We had talked easily on the phone for two months and I expected it would be just that kind of casual conversation, actually meeting. I never thought I'd just freeze and stare at him for who knows how long. But that's what I did."

"I rode the escalator down to the baggage claim area and there at the bottom was the most beautiful vision. She was pacing back and forth. When our eyes met, she stopped and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen. The escalator was full and appeared to move so v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. But once off, we hugged and cried from joy; neither wanted to be the first to let go. She was wearing the earrings I had given her and I did the same. "

"Her plane arrived. We knew each other the moment we looked into each other eyes. I held my daughter for the very first time. I had love in my life, but until I held her, I had not known what true love felt like"

"All of a sudden our eyes met across the aisle and everything went into slow motion. We were both smiling and it was the exact same smile. We both started to laugh and hugged for what seemed like a long time. We looked at each other again and laughed and hugged once more. Both of us had big smiles and teary eyes....it was what I had been waiting for, for 28 years."

"As I got off the plane I heard his voice and walked toward him and embraced him tightly. I needed to look at him and hold him after thirty-one years of missing him."

"Locked in a tight embrace afraid to ever let go, I felt waves of love flowing between us. Even though I have been married twice, at that moment I knew for the first time what true, unconditional love was all about. And it feels awesome!!! "

"I stood and watched him watch for me unable to move until he saw me and then he filled my arms like no one ever has and he brought my Heart back to me."

"I sat waiting in the hotel lobby, they were due around 9 p.m. Finally the door opened and a mom, dad, and little girl entered--a beautiful family. He was looking around for me; the dad and I made eye contact, and a bright smile lit his face. He came toward me, and we hugged--no need for words, just the most breath-taking hug I had ever had in my life. My boy.

"Sifting through the crowd for someone who fits his description, I suddenly, somehow knowingly said, "That's him" and rushed to him. Speaking his name for the first time, as a question, he replied, "Who wants to know?" Sheer determination enabled me to carry through in spite of trembling from head to toe in fear of his response."

The first time I ever saw my son he was getting off a train. He walked over to me, put down his backpack and hugged me. He looked at me and said, "It's been a long time since you've seen me." I had never in my life seen him, not even for a second. My heart stopped and started all at the same time. "

"He came to my hotel in the city where he was born. I opened the door, looked at him and grabbed him and hugged him. I was flooded with love and a wonderful feeling of relief that we were together once again after 27 years of loving from afar."

"As I knocked on the door of his hotel room, my heart was pounding and I thought I was going to pass out. He opened the door, we looked at each other briefly, had a quick awkward hug, talked utter nonsense small talk and I couldn't believe how beautiful he was. I just stared at him and finally said, "You're beautiful and I just can't stop looking at you"

"My son walked ever-so-slowly towards me, and suddenly we were hugging. I pulled back just enough to place gentle kisses all over his sweet face and to smile into his glistening eyes. Then I snuggled back into his arms and time stood still."

"My arrival delayed by traffic I couldn't remember his room number nerves again - but got into a packed elevator nevertheless. The elevator door opposite opened and a familiar voice said my name as a question. We finally came face to face in a crowded lobby surrounded by strangers. He was even more nervous than I. We hugged tentatively but were more interested in memorizing each others' faces. During dinner we held hands across the table. And then took a walk in the rain. It was exactly right"

I met my son at the train which was quite late. While pacing, I was looking for the 6'1 black-haired male with 2 earrings in his left ear, carrying a camera. When he walked toward me it was surreal. I was excitedly speechless yet my stomach felt nervously sick. He was hungry. We went to the closest table to sit down, he talking, me staring into his beautiful face. Then I unraveled and began to cry when attempting to speak. I could not believe this was reality and that this beautiful man was the baby I gave away."

"As I made my way to the front door, I felt I would pass out from nerves. There was no need to ring the bell when I arrived as the door swung open as soon as I reached the landing and there stood my baby after 23 years. We hugged, cried and I stroked my beautiful daughter's hair for the first time. At that moment all felt right in the universe."

"I touched him. I touched my son. All I could think of was how he had felt in my arms as a baby the first time I touched him, how I instantly recognized his movement. I held my son now and it was like I had been struck by lightning. My hands had life of their own and they patted him and lifted away and returned to him to touch, to feel, to hold."




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