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For women who surrendered their only child/ren to adoption and had no others.

If you are reading this page and surrendered your only child/ren to adoption, then welcome. You are not alone any more, browse our website and consider becoming a member of this refreshing oasis we have come to think of as our home away from home. 

We are women who come from all walks of life. We are employers, partners, neighbors, wives, divorcees, sisters and friends, perhaps we never married, and we all share one thing in common: the loss of     child/ren to adoption.

Mothers without other children come in ALL packages. Our group membership consists of:

  • Women who never had another child after surrendering her only child to adoption.
  • Women who surrendered two, and three children and had no others.
  • Women with step children who surrendered their only child to adoption.
  • Women who themselves are adoptees, also having surrendered their only child/ren to adoption.
  • Women who adopted special needs Child/ren, who surrendered her only child to adoption.
  • Women who surrendered their infant/s or toddlers to adoption and had no other children.
  • Women who surrendered their child for adoption and lost a raised child/ren to death.

Our lack of experience in raising our own child/ren sets us apart from women who had other children.  
It is estimated that between 27 to 40% of us never went on to have other children due to secondary infertility, medical problems, trauma, or just remaining faithful to our child/rens memories. In the book The Girls Who Went Away, by Anne Fessler, she mentions our support group, EmptyArms, because "out of 100 women interviewed, 40 of them never had other children."

We are here to help you navigate reunion by celebrating your good times and holding your hand through the dark days too. We can help you with a wide variety of issues, such as composing letters to your child, or working though the tough issues such as a stalled reunion.  Regardless of the issue we hope to give you better coping skills. 

Maybe you are thinking about finding your long lost child or your child has recently found you. EmptyArms support group understands how you feel and more importantly, you will be understood by your peers. Come learn about reunions from members who are in all stages of this often emotionally charged but never boring situation. We often refer to it as the "roller coaster ride" of search and reunion.

Your participation in Emptyarms is key to your success. Our group has at least one or two meet ups every year where we enjoy each other's company and many of us have formed a sisterhood from our one common bond.





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