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Adoption Insights Multiple messages boards covering every topic related to adoption.

Concerned United Birthparents Dedicated to preserving the natural family. This site offers local support group meetings around the country. Check this site to find one in your area. Their conference once a year is a "must attend" event with the "who's who of guest speakers and leading authors in the field of adoption/reunion

The Sunflower Sisters A support group for natural mothers with raised children. This site also offers some excellent search and reunion resources.

The Adoption History Project it's a work in progress with interesting tidbits of early adoption literature spanning every culture.

Origins USA An activist group for natural moms. OriginsUSA's main goal is a government inquiry into illegal, unethical and improper adoption practices by the adoption industry, especially during the "baby scoop era" of the 1960's to mid-1970's.

Unsealed initiative For Open Records An activist group, conceived by Joyce Bahr, one of the early pioneers to obtain open records in New York for adoptees and natural mothers.

Bastard Nation Adult adoptees fighting to open up closed records across the nation. Wonderful graphics, informative and talented writers, often funny political parodies. They have my respect!

First Mothers Action a group of first mothers whose mission is "To Present the TRUTH About Adoption" and to inform pregnant women of their rights and the choices they have available to them. If you explore the "Exiled Mothers" site, be prepared for some very strong viewpoints, especially from the pen of Australian anti-adoption activist Joss Shawyer.

Adoption Ireland: The Adopted Peoples Association For the Irish connection. This friendly site offers help in searching, and reunion support for the adoptee and natural mother in Ireland.




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